Teachers at New England Hebrew Academy have exceptionally high standards and aim to fully support their students both academically and socially. Striving to maintain the goals set in the Massachusetts Frameworks, our teachers provide exciting, hands on units in all subject areas. As often as possible, content areas are integrated so that the curricula overlap helps our students relate the material to their own lives. This text to self connection allows the students to internalize and fully master the material provided.

Our Language Arts program focuses on reading and writing. We use a phonetic and whole language approach so that the students are introduced to a variety of text and exposed to many different genre. This approach ensures that all of our children are receiving the appropriate means for decoding, as well as crucial vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension skills. Writing is taught across the curriculum. Our students work through the writing process in expository and creative pieces. Writing throughout our secular studies allows the students to master many different forms of writing, and enables them to be effective, life-long communicators.

Using a spiraling mathematics program allows math concepts to be revisited throughout the year, as well as from grade to grade. Concepts are introduced in different ways throughout the school year and expectations for comprehension and application increase simultaneously. This allows children to fully understand and apply problem solving strategies, as well as gain mastery over time. We use a manipulative based approach which supports each child as their skills develop.

Earth and Applied Science classes are conducted throughout the elementary school on a weekly basis. These classes consist of hands-on cooperative learning and investigation and increase in complexity as the children move from one grade to the next. The wonder of the universe remains spiritual, but is broadened through scientific exploration.

Done in a creative format, national, international, state and Jewish history are explored throughout the grades. Focus on geography and cultures within many different countries helps our students gain greater understanding of their place in the world. In addition, the students are able to appreciate their role in the Jewish community and our relationship with others.